Governance Docs

Arotech Employee Code of Conduct
Uploaded: Dec 28, 2015
Type: PDF

Arotech "Whistleblower" Policy
Uploaded: Mar 8, 2016
Type: PDF

Employees with complaints about our compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements relating to accounting, auditing and internal control matters may submit their complaints in person, by mail or other written communication or by telephone to our Complaint Administrator. The Complaint Administrator can be contacted anonymously, by submitting the form located on our corporate website at Complaints sent in this manner will automatically be stripped of all computer-encoded information identifying the originating e-mail address, and will then automatically be forwarded to the Complaint Administrator’s regular e-mail address at Arotech.

Certificate of Incorporation
Uploaded: Oct 27, 2014
Type: PDF

Arotech Corporation Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy
Uploaded: May 30, 2017
Type: PDF